Kiddie Logs & Curtis

08/06/2020 — by Anders Krischan

No kids and no animals – they should have told you Joel.

The Selfie Anthem: I am an Asshole

08/03/2017 — by Anders Krischan

Will take a picture of myself – this is so me!

Need A Friend?

22/11/2016 — by Anders Krischan

Try Skateboarding.

Brutally honest: Snowboarding.

21/11/2016 — by Anders Krischan

There has probably never been a more accurate depiction of snowboarding. To date. World wide.

Monday Blues goes OPP

10/10/2016 — by Anders Krischan

3 letters and 3 stripes – suits the Shred quite well!

Scott Stevens – his very own iPhone campaign

12/09/2016 — by Anders Krischan

You don’t get that good at something hanging on your phone all day… unless you wanna become a tele-marketer.

Still Smells like Teen Spirit

10/09/2016 — by Anders Krischan

25 years ago, Nirvana released their generation encompassing Grunge anthem…

Drone Away!

25/08/2016 — by Anders Krischan

… and start dreaming through a day.

Drift into Monday – Gently that is.

08/08/2016 — by Anders Krischan

So surfy, so much flow.

The Future, oh so Scary it is.

06/07/2016 — by Anders Krischan

If you don’t watch this today, chances are you might get annihilated by progress tomorrow. … in a Hawaiian line-up far far away at least.

Kepa The Wayfarer

25/05/2016 — by Anders Krischan

Why do we like travelling?

Turnin’ & Tumblin’

28/04/2016 — by Anders Krischan

Strap on your snowboard and remember Muddy Waters’ wise words: “Well, I turned and I tumbled, cried the whole night long!”