Turnin’ & Tumblin’

BOARDS & BIKES — 28/04/2016 — by Anders Krischan

Turnin’ and Tumblin’ snowboard freestyle event in memory of Muddy Waters marked the season ender at Seegrube – Innsbruck’s infamous mountain resort hailing the shred and freeride extravaganza for decades now.
In order to make the last days of the season worth talking through summer viking park digger sensation Bjarni and his shape crew invested lots of hours to build an amazing playground made of transitions, hips, turns, banks, gaps, and rails – almost everywhere!
Weather did exactly what we expected it – was shithouse to awesome and back within 20 minutes. Did not stop the kids coming in flocks. Crazy little birds flapping over rails and kickers and demonstrating their styles, enjoying an all day long slush fest, including a ‘veggie soup’, a little BBQ and couple of beers.
Now enjoy summer and always remember “Well, I turned and I tumbled, cried the whole night long!” – Muddy Waters.

Thanks for shaping to Bjarni, the Viking.
Florian Trattner


Top! Hand Plant by the TM.
German for: Wo war eigentlich der FCB?
Jörg Häken(39


Thaler Flo-fly-over Melancholly
Florian Trattner(11)


Ze Don of ze IBK – aka der Schatzmeister

Florian Trattner(3)


Sani Stale and Fishing

Florian Trattner(9)


The whole crew loungin’
Photos in random appearance by the not so random: Florian Trattner / Maxi Meisberger /Sani Alibabic
Thank you very much for your support Florian Thaler!