Brutally honest: Snowboarding.

BOARDS & BIKES — 21/11/2016 — by Anders Krischan

So this really is snowboarding. You meet up with your buddies in a warm place. You buy a lot of shit and talk a lot of bull while making plans to go shred. You buy more stuff. You go shred with all your new gear only to find out there is no snow, … but cold. And shit weather on top. You’re glad you bought all this gear to shovel one up and frie some sausages. You keep your spirit high – MAN! You bought all this gear. You better do so.
Eventually, shit gets radical and you earn your reward. End of story. Save all your money in order to repeat next winter. Find yourself while transforming sub-culture into consumer-culture. I love it! Can’t wait to get the new Mikkel B. pro-model selfie-stick. Peace.