The Future, oh so Scary it is.

BOARDS & BIKES — 06/07/2016 — by Anders Krischan

Despite the fact that Kai Lenny speaks with the voice of Mr. Shaun White this is pretty insane indeed. These foils, I mean look at this clip. How can something so small carry the weight of a surfer? Will we have to re-think all of our nautical approaches from here or is the impossibility of bluntly bashing a lip enough to keep this toy a Mr. Laird H. and his vasalls exclusive?
Will an ever stoked non-native author ever write sentences in the short manner English speaking people prefer to read? Is all of this relevant in the face of the worlds estate in July 2016? (Just remember; Some people are indeed facing their perfect summer holidays being ruined by a 50% chance of rain… A CLIMATE CRISIS!)
I really do not know what comes next. All of this is way to confusing…