Monday Blues goes OPP

BOARDS & BIKES — 10/10/2016 — by Anders Krischan

I am a fan. adidas is still in snowboarding and they are doing it great! A breeze of core and fun sideways activity is blowing from Herzogenaurach direction the snow-fields around you. Get your shred-stick waxed and ruin these edges with a smile on! Treat it like it is OPP.

Here is what the sponsor says: Shot on location at Boreal Resort in Northern California, “OK to Shred” is a nod to the golden-era junkyard park sessions of the early 2000s. This video features a unique, private setup brought to life by adidas Snowboarding team riders, Keegan Valaika, Louif Paradis, Tommy Gesme, Alex Sherman, and guests.