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BOARDS & BIKES — 09/09/2017 — by Christian B.

When asked how to portray the diversity of snowboarding and the people really doing it, I’d point my finger straight at this little vid-series by Desiree Melancon and Tyler Orton. Originating from Mr. Poppen’s little backhill now blooming in all kinds of ways on different mountains with different snow-profiles and all types of individuals acting as gardeners and re-creators alike – this is snowboarding as it drives the lives of real people. These are real people, driving snowboarding beyond the brand-images trying to sell acrobatics as a lifestyle. Thank you people!

When I first watched an episode of Desiree Melancon’s show I was blown away of how much it triggered a certain type of feeling I had not experienced in years. Community – that’s probably how I would describe growing up as a snowboarder in the 90s and 00 years. Being handed a snowboard from overseas, looking at how the guys would use it over there and start developing your own style using the slopes you would have at hands – or feet. Meeting people on various hills with different styles, building on mutual understandig based on the pure enjoyment coming out of a piece of wood you’d step on sideways… Why does everything that stokes me out end up in nostalgia lately? Guess I am old. But still stoked – Enjoy!

The Trailer

Episode 1:


Episode 2:


Episode 3:


Episode 4: