The Chemical Brothers — Wide Open (feat. Beck)

01/03/2016 — by Quirin V.

Taken from their latest LP “Born in the Echos” The Chemical Brothers’ “Wide Open”, featuring Beck gets a beautiful video with a little sci-fi/mystical twist.

Hudson Mohawke feat. Antony Hegarty — Indian Steps

04/12/2015 — by Quirin V.

What a amazing video for the as well amazing song Indian Steps feat. Antony Hegarty taken from Hudson Mohawke’s recent Lantern LP.

NAO — Bad Blood

20/11/2015 — by Quirin V.

Be sure to remember this name. Ian Pons Jewell who did the amazing Vince Staples Señorita music video is back with another mesmerizing video.

Two songs, one video

14/10/2015 — by Quirin V.

Ever seen a music video featuring two bands? No? Than be sure to checkout this by Marc Oller directed video featuring The Parrots and Hinds!

Atom for Peace – before your very eyes

13/10/2015 — by Quirin V.

An impressive video that underlines the great voice of Thom Yorke.

Sydney Opera House / Living Mural by Universal Everything

22/08/2015 — by Quirin V.

We’ve been in love to the work of ex The Designers Republic chief designer Matt Pyke for many years. Here’s a again a proof why…

A BIGGER PARK Magazine Release Party at Soda Berlin

16/07/2015 — by Quirin V.

Last Wednesday we celebrated the release of the first printed issue of A BIGGER PARK at Soda books and magazines in Berlin.

UNREASONABLE – the perfect storm

02/07/2015 — by Quirin V.

Andreas Roth utilises the construct of an open letter to the ocean to describe the emotions and the mindset of a surfer – allowing big-wave hellman Mark Mathews to shine in a different light.

Kool A.D. – Hickory

01/07/2015 — by Quirin V.

We love this new video. Sit back and enjoy!

New video by M.I.A. x 36.000 Shaolin Students

21/06/2015 — by Quirin V.

36,000 students students of Shaolin Tagou star in M.I.A newest music video. You read correctly, 36THOUSAND!!!

ABP presents: Ben Mono´s Lemonade Under The Umbrella Mix

27/05/2015 — by Quirin V.

We asked some of our favorite DJs to do a music mix for us. Check it out here.

Emil Kozak at Ninasagt Gallery

07/05/2015 — by Quirin V.

Some photos from Emil Kozak’s solo show at Ninasagt gallery in Düsseldorf last year.