UNREASONABLE – the perfect storm

BOARDS & BIKES, MUSIC & FILM — 02/07/2015 — by Quirin V.

The second film in O’Neill’s UNREASONABLE Film Festival is now live! Featuring O’Neill’s big wave surfer Mark Mathews, The Perfect Storm by Andreas Roth utilises the construct of an open letter to the ocean to describe the emotions and the mindset of a surfer. The adrenaline rush, the concentration required, the frustration and ultimately, the relationship between the surfer and his/her environment. 

Andy Roth (Germany) directed a viral film for the Dirt Devil vacuum in 2011, which accumulated over 30 million views on Vimeo and officially was titled the fifth most viewed online film of 2011.

Supported by O’Neill. Read more about the Unreasonable project here.