A BIGGER PARK Magazine Release Party at Soda Berlin

ART & DESIGN, BOARDS & BIKES, MUSIC & FILM — 16/07/2015 — by Quirin V.

Last Wednesday we celebrated the release of the first printed issue of A BIGGER PARK at Soda books and magazines in Berlin. The magazine features:

— Bicycle Photo Xross with Sandy Carson
— Shaper ‘S Papers hitting the Penis Trigger
— Rising Sons from Japan by Michi Lehmann
— The Anti Machine in the heart of Munich-City
— Conny Maier all Caps Locked
— Patrick Bienert & Max von Gumppenberg photo-trippin Eritrea
— Graphic Designers and Interior Experiences
— a whole lot of entertaining randomness.

and is now available at Soda or by email: subscription@abiggerpark.com (12€ including shipping-cost)
Thanks to Hopfmeister & Aqua Monaco for the beer and softdrinks and of course a big Thank You! to DJ Ben Mono! We enjoyed the drinks and some great tunes wile chatting away with old friends and newly made aquaintances.

… Cheers!

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