RIDE: the MINI by CI Surfboards

BOARDS & BIKES — 10/07/2015 — by Christian B.

Wave season is on in the med-sea. A pilgrimmage of German, Suisse and Austrian surfers has started, leaving wave-starved Italian locals in shock of the teutonic masses paddling out into their beloved line-ups. So, in order to keep conflicts out off the water, watch your inside and make the take-off if you start paddling for a wave! In case you are looking for a board to get you flying I can recommend the MINI by CI Surfboards.
Kalani Robb is known for power carves and good times. Actually he is a master in both disciplines. Power carves and good times was what he had in mind when he approached CI Surfboards to develop a new shape. The MINI is a flat rockered, wide tailed shape that uses the knowledge of 70ies fish rail design to offer a wave-catching tail which still can bite some steep walls. If you think user-friendly formula 1, the MINI by Channel Islands Surfboards could well make it into your quiver. Works in rivers and any conditions from knee-high to well over-head. Just ask Kalani – or check his Instagram account @kalanirobb.
In order to get info about the riding capacities of the board and shapers intentions watch the clips below! Or just go shopping straigth away.


MINI CI -6464_lowres MINI CI -6388_lowres

MINI CI -5966_1_lowres  MINI CI -5763_lowres MINI CI -5106_bea_lowres