The Art of Rebellion 4 – Masterpieces of urban art

ART & DESIGN — 08/12/2016 — by Laura L.

“The Art of Rebellion 4 – Masterpieces of Urban Art” is the newest chapter of the well-known bestseller series. What started in 2003 as the first book ever about street art and was back then a small collection that focused on the new street art phenomenon, goes into the fourth round –

this time as a solid art book, 216 pages strong and heavy as a telephone book! Again, the author Christian Hundertmark (C100), who is an urban artist himself and respected among the featured artists, provides an insight into the worldwide urban art scene. The concept of this book differs from

the broad mass of street art books, as each artist was asked to only send in his personal, very favourite work as well as a text that explains why the particular piece was chosen and what the story behind it is. To underline the impact of this concept, most of the images are presented in large dimensions, distinguishing themselves from the small stamp-like images of other publications. Moreover, this volume attempts to close the gap between the respect for Graffi ti writers and for street artists, as it features works that show their Graffi ti infl uences visually and

content wise. Therefore, a lot of big names in Graffi ti, such as Nug, Egs, Dmote, Delta, Zedz or HoNet, are featured alongside famous street artists such as The London Police, El Tono, Nuria Mora, Dave Kinsey, SpY or Slinkachu. You can buy the book here: Stylefile