Sunday Session: Wish You Were Here

MUSIC & FILM — 14/02/2016 — by Christian B.

You can’t really listen to a full Pink Floyd album on weekdays, can you? It’s like you are working, maybe even hard, and they keep telling you it is all wrong and you are in a social treadmill firing up human absurdity (in a nutshell) while everything else is ready for you to develop a cynical perspective allowing you to reveal any cultural practice to ridiculousness…

… at times I cannot stand Pink Floyd. Still, to me they are one of the greatest bands of all time.

Enough of the old man antics! Chances are that you good exposed to a ton auf audio-crap the whole week last week. So this could be the redemption to your eardrums and mind. Make sure your speakers are on, grab a cup of coffee and a ciggy if you dare – relax and enjoy sunday.