Sharpen Your Edges Ladies and Gents

ART & DESIGN — 29/11/2016 — by Christian B.

Here is a few words from the Korua Crew: “The help and support of friends is crucial in a project like KORUA Shapes. As a thank you, we organized a weekend camping adventure on a mountain pass that lies only minutes from some of Europe’s best resorts. Most guys showed up in camper vans, others simply planned to crash in the front seat of their cars. The idea was to spend some quality time in good company, enjoy a couple of beers, test out some new shapes and have as much fun as possible, all while filming a new edit along the way. Using the excuse of having to gather more footage, we ended up doing several more of these trips throughout the spring.”
Enough said, now watch some Boom Turns and get all hyped for the slopes.