ART & DESIGN — 03/11/2015 — by Christian B.

The new German Fräulein – there are quite a few girls these days turning the cliche into a compliment. Conny, Luise and Julia are Berlin girls. Together, they started a label called Looky Looky a couple of years ago. If you construct sentences, which allow you to use the name Looky Looky as an activity, it makes you happy. If you are smart, humorous, a little cheeky and loudmouthed and yet creativly organized you can create a label like Looky Looky too. And if – on top of that – you are a girl, you fit the very positive picture of the Fräulein.
Please meet the LOOKY LOOKY Posse.

Bildschirmfoto 2015-10-19 um 17.36.37
ABP: What does your brand do?

we simply do what we love and create items we would wear also by ourselves.
we started with unisex tshirts and as we are now almost grown ups we added fashion items to the collection.
Our collection is always small, because we decided to have rather a small collection where we like every single piece and produce on a limited base than present a wide range where you don’t like 50% of it.

What got you started? What is the main purpose of a brand?

LOOKYLOOKY is based on true friendship – julia, conny and luise – first of all we wanted to create something together and did one tshirt design and a blog.
the feedback was so great that we where overwhelmed and did more which developed to a complete collection and a real brand.


(The Crew: Luise, Conny, Julia)

Our main slogan is „Crew love is true love“ which represents the base of the brand – our crew.
For us the most important thing is to create real streetwear combined with fashion items that transport the humor that we do not take ourselves too serious and represent our ways of living.

Can you state a song or a type of music, which reflects the spirit of your brand?

looky looky_033

We are also a DJ Collective that was born out of playing at friends parties and birthdays – we love everything from 80s to todays music – but also here our main purpose is to have fun and do not take ourselves to serious.

If people were telling you they buy every piece you produce – what were your answer to this?

What would you like to drink?
looky looky_035

Is there too much hype around brands generally?

Streetwear changed as everything is cool that is featured on hyped blogs like Hypebeast.
So young kids can discover the latest trends so quick that you find yourself in the underground train sitting next to a 16 year old kid looking nearly the same as you…
If you have the money, you can buy just the style that is hyped allover the blogs.
Thats why you see 16 year old kids buying a yeezy with their mom if they have the money. But streetwear trends where never born in the rich society. So it is still about credibility and creativity. Smaller brands have also a big chance to be recognized because not everybody wants to look the same…
looky looky_042
So this is an important task for the brands nowadays to be different and have unique style – because many brands are kind of similar. We don’t have any problems with a hype of a brand – also brands like Supreme have been small and had a crew around them – good for them!

Do you do research and development?

Yes – daily – in Berlin, through friends and the holy internet. Usually we sit together for new ideas and after discussing all research and everybodies input for ‘what we think is needed’ or ‘what we think will be the new thing in fashion’ we usually start with the creating/ layout phase of the new stuff. conny / cocomasher /atelier conradi is basically our creative mind behind all new stuff and we like the fact that our ‘language’ artworkwise is very unique because of her skills and the crew ideas.

Is it okay to make money? … and shitloads of money?

Sure – where is this place ?

Bildschirmfoto 2015-10-19 um 17.32.26

(Pics from the 2015/16 Lookbook)

Overrated products and / or brands in the market?

Sorry – no hating.

People you do / do not want to buy your product?


Do you have any investors or partners?

We love collaborating with friends and brands we like – in the past we did great parties with the amazing guys from Place Magazine, collaborations with brands like Nike, Lee Jeans, Cleptomanicx… We do everything by ourselves without any investor and that is sometimes quite a hustle. But we can act and think free without the typical sales vs creative fight about visions and that boring repeating of a bestseller-whatever-style in 1000 colorways.

Bildschirmfoto 2015-10-19 um 15.01.05

(This pic featured is from the Looky Looky x Clepto beachwear Collab “Swimming with Quaalen”.)

Is there a political dimension to your brand? Do you feel you polarize in any sort?

We are not a political brand but we are thinking about how things should be in this world and ask ourselves if the way we think is right or wrong. Sometimes we do a little statement like a slogan ‘deaf to the kkk’ which comes out with our new collection this week. We spread the word once in a while through our social media channels.

How do you sell – Where can people get your product? Why?

We have our very own online shop: – We also sell allover Germany – and very soon in Japan.
We would love to also sell in Netherlands, France and UK – that is our aim.

Give us 3 different people who could ideally represent your brand.

Beyoncé (who did already by the way 😉, River Phoenix, Deborah Harry of Blondie, the Fresh Prince back in the 90’s

What – in your opinion – are the biggest problems to start-up brands? What are your future goals?

The biggest problem for brands is the pre-payment of the production.