Online Related: Death of A Pornstar

ART & DESIGN — 20/01/2016 — by Christian B.

This work is about the death of a porn star. More precisely about life and death of former pop and porn star Lolo Ferrari. Featured on 43 zine-styled pages.
Conny Maier set out to create a visual, artistic, settlement featuring the human being and the bizzare object she (Lolo) became under the influence of her husband and the drugs she took back in her day. Another forgotten Blonde who hustled for fame and found dead or got murdered – history remains unclear here.
Fact is: Lolo Ferrari died at the 5th of march 2000. Scarred by plastic surgery, in a state most humans would consider of irritating nature.

lolo-ferrari-zine-COCOMASHER lolo-ferrari-zine-5 lolo-ferrari-zine-4 lolo-ferrari-zine-3 lolo-ferrari-zine-2 lolo-ferrari-zine-1