Notes From: Vicious

MUSIC & FILM — 04/02/2016 — by Christian B.

Despite the fact that being shit-faced has a bit of a sub-optimal reputation in a super-optimal society of 2016 I like to get drunk. Heureka, thus I love getting drunk actually! I love hanging in a bar with a bunch of mates, talking story and skulling back whatever the bartender puts on the table. And I love bands which serve me the right sound and get me into rhythm to get a good party started. Things need to get a little vicious at times.
Why do I tell you all of this? Meet Vicious, a band from Vienna perfectly fit to get you into modus-operandi “shannanigans” and into the zone, which will deliver the antics to keep you and your buddies talking of for weeks… Boys and girls: get to know Vicious here! Read their notes as respond to an ABP interview below and watch their first ever single & video “Worth It”.
What fits your music?  
Torsten (T): A dimly lit room, Gin Tonic, Cigarettes.
How many people on stage?
T: Five
Can all of you please state their favorite musical-instrument and their initial inspiration.
T: Drums, Nirvana
Maxìm (M): Bass; distinctive bass playing on Pixies “Hey”, Kings of Leon “On Call” or first two Interpol LPs
Patrick (P): drumml, baffbaff
Dominic (D): Guitar, but I was forced to play bass.
How would you describe the sound you do.
T: Gloomy, aggressive at times, noisy, mechanic in a natural way
What are the key-elements of your sound.
T: Lots of guitar, Maxim’s voice, use of dynamics
M: Also base is quite important; mix of straight up-beats and weird psychedelic parts
Do you take care of lyrics? What are the topics you cover and messages that matter to you?
M: Yes, of course, I see lyrics as supporting the mood of the songs. most lyrics are about a obsessed, unhealthy love to nightlife including drinking, drugs & girls, but always with a cynical and ambivalent view on it and a subliminal feeling that the end is near. 
T: other topics are the dangers of civilization being intellectually outpaced by the artificial intelligence it creates itself; and tits
When playing a concert, do you prefer people to dance in communion or everybody to do its own thing?
T: I don’t know.
M: I’m glad when people are moving at all, I don’t care how they do it (epileptic attacks are also seen as a positive sign)
How about drugs?
T: What about it
M: Full speed, half blind. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
What are major influences?
T: Joy Division, Interpol; The Doors; Arctic Monkeys (Humbug and AM LPs); Radiohead
M: Also the Horrors; The National; Soulwax “Nite Versions”; drinking; Bukowski, Sven Regener; and the mood of certain movies; and all-time heroes like Bowie, Lou Reed, Josh Homme, Danger Mouse..
Make a decision: Would you rather be the greatest live-band on earth OR the most influential studio-band of now?
T: Studio-band, but I think what we’ve done so far works better on stage than on tape
M: Right now we’re developing our songs in the rehearsal room, so they definitely work better live. But I definitely want us to make studio recordings in the future
Which other artists do you admire or think to be rad?
T: All of the influence bands and a lot more, would be too long to list; right now, I’m listening a lot to Suuns, Yeasayer and I’m excited for the new Get Well Soon
M: The same. Also, Deerhunter and as a big The National fan a lot of El VY right now.
Bowie’s final album Blackstar is also very impressing.. it’s like an artistic farewell letter
Thank you!

Vicious first LP Odyssey will be in shops soon. Vinyl and digital that is.