Meet the Surfboards That Make Craig Anderson “Craig Anderson”

ART & DESIGN — 08/11/2019 — by Christian H.

Craig Anderson looks good on literally any surfcraft. Stick a 5’9″ shred sled under his feet and he’ll do a knock-knee bottom turn to tweaked out air. Give the lad a lengthier single fin and he’ll soul arch through a tube like a cosmic 1970s surf spiritualist. Somehow nothing looks corny or contrived in either case, and who else can you say that about? In the latest episode of “Quivers”, the series in which we get a look under the hood of our favorite surfers’ boardbags, videographer Dave Fox talks to Ando about his eclectic arsenal of wave-riding weaponry and digs through some of our favorite clips of him riding these craft through the years.

source: SURFER