Kelly’s Wave is a bomb!

BOARDS & BIKES — 23/12/2015 — by Christian H.

Wow, all romantic aspects of surfing aside, King Kelly has upped the level of artifical wave-surfing quite a few notches. This hooker will deliver for money. No courting and wave-reading necessary. You’ll get pitted if you got the buck. But see for yourself. Watch the movie and shiver in delight, than click here to gain some more insights on artifical waves and all the hype… as we make our full jounrnalistic capacities available for you. 

Production: Aether Films ( Director: Andrew Mackenzie; Producers: Kyle Bullington & Davis DiLillo; Executive Producers: John Moore & Noah Grimmett; Camera I: Gordon Yould ; Camera II: Seth Naugle; Aerial Cinematography: Davis DiLillo, Kyle Bullington, Andrew Mackenzie Water Cinematography: Daren Vinson Crawford; AC Camera I: Brooks Burgoon; AC Camera II: Jeff Ball, AC Camera III: Josh Hill Production Coordinator: Dana Kurth; DIT: Bruce Schultz; Editing: Gordon Yould & Andrew Mackenzie; Color: Seth Naugle; Music: DARKSIDE
Source: Kelly Slater Wave Company