Fuck You We Are Still Angry!

MUSIC & FILM — 12/04/2016 — by Admin

A couple of years ago I decided for myself that pubercy was probably a if not THE single largest shithouse of emotional ups and downs bearing all reason and logic. Pure rage sorta, which every reasonable being should be happy to have overcome.
Damn pubercy! I thought with a witty smile on my face while looking from the superior position of self-perceived adulthood… had I only known that life was to tell me a lesson about this arrogant demeanor back then – nothing would have changed anyways.
Lately I learnt that what I had experienced in pubercy is still here – it is a feeling of anger arising from injustice. Wealth and power distribution, warfare, corruption, tax frauds, puppet politicans, terror, refugees and all the lies to cover up the crap that is really going on and fueling fires around the globe. What to do with all the anger I am feeling?!
… I really hope Rage Against The Machine will start touring again since celebrating my rage in exchange for money is the only way I know how to cope with shit. I am a dog. Have fun.