A Revealing Read: The Münchhausen Syndrome

BOARDS & BIKES — 19/08/2015 — by Quirin Rohleder

I recently found out that we have a bit of a legend in our Munich river-surfing community. Well, the cousin of a bit of a legend might be the better way of putting this. I’m talking about this guy from Brazil who has been destroying every beachbreak around the world over the last couple months. The guy who is so confident that he doesn’t even wear a leash any more. Yes, I’m talking about small wave wizard and maybe the best surfer in the world in 3 feet and under, Felipe Toledo. I like that guy. I think he would destroy the river after only 3 waves. I think he would be even better than Medina who was pretty darn good at ze river.

So the other day I found out that we have his cousin in our small river surf community in Munich surfing that rapid they call Eisbach. Another Toledo. Definitely not as gifted, but non-the-less, a Toledo. I only found out through a distant friend. A former professional surfer. He didn’t surf with Toledo (the guy on the World Tour), he’s a bit older, but he was pretty good. Guess he’s happy about that. His name? Jarrad Howse. You might know him. Heard of him. Part time coach of Mick Fanning, organizer, good looking dude. He, Jarrad, was interviewed by one of my favorite surf journalists. Actually a former flat mate of mine on the sand dunes of South West France – Derek Reilly. He, Derek, does Beachgrit. You should look at it. It’s hilarious. Don’t look at it if you can’t handle a bit of sarcasm.

Back to topic. Jarrad speaks to Derek. About the man made wave they now have in Cymry, which is the word for Wales I think, or the Welsh language. The latter I think. I know this from one of the most craziest guys I know: Carwyn Williams. You might have heard of him. But going into detail here would just lead to so many other weird stories and people… Not possible. So Jarrad tells the story that he met Felipe Toledo’s cousin. Now comes in a good friend of mine. He reads this interview and intelligent as he is makes a connection… In my opinion a lethal connection. It took me a while to make that connection as well, but then it dawned on me. I remembered an Instagram post I had seen a couple of days ago. A post from Felipe’s apparent cousin, a picture of Wales. Anyway, the story Jarrad tells is that some guy who couldn’t really surf somehow snuck into a from the public sealed off area and surfed that wave in Wales. Which wasn’t open for the public. Because he is Felipe’s cousin. So I wondered, as I have seen him a lot of times at ze river why he never told me that he’s Felipe’s cousin… Isn’t that something cool? Something you share? It’s not like you’re bragging. He’s family after all and you can’t chose family. But nothing, nada. Not a word. Then I kind of dug a little deeper because I always wondered why he had all those stickers on his board cause honestly: He can’t surf. Definitely not at the river. I mean he’s not bad, but hey, would you sponsor someone average? Guess not right. So where is this all leading you might ask. Well, have you heard of the Baron of Münchhausen? He was a notorious liar. But he was lying in a cool way. The stories were great, entertaining. So Felipe’s cousin, you are surfing’s Baron von Münchhausen. And I want to hear your story of how you took a swing at a Welsh man, cause that’s brave my friend. And in case you really are Felipe’s cousin, just be open about it. Do not only mention it to sneak into the first of a kind wave park. Sharing is caring hermano.


PS.: Here is the story as perceived by original protagonists – Thank you Beachgrit.com

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