Unreasonable – Endless Ocean

ART & DESIGN, BOARDS & BIKES, MUSIC & FILM — 30/07/2015 — by Christian B.

Sometimes things need to linger in your head for a while before they make any sense. “In an endless ocean, the wave will travel endlessly” This mantra is repetitevely spoken by Jordy Smith himself, he who knows, that it is only on the boarderline between land and sea where surf occures. However this minimal part of our environment has maximum impact on our lives – given that you are a surfer too.

Munich based director Oliver Würffell perfectly illustrates this particular borderline between moving and static elements by mounting moving picture-excerpts to stills. A combination of photography and filmphotography, which underlines the highlights of several motives. This is probably the most artsy of all the UNREASONABLE Film Festival’s contributions, I deem it to be a highlight perfectly fit to close the event. Great job!