Unreasonable – Antonym: Beyond the Waters

BOARDS & BIKES, MUSIC & FILM — 17/07/2015 — by Christian B.

Being a surfer, especially when landlocked as us, means constantly searching for waves to feed the little monkey you put on your back while paddling out for the first time. A more obvious result of this behaviour was the re-invention of the Eisbach wave as a shredable ocean-simulator. But usually this is only the beginning. Wherever there are shapes resembling waves, a mindsurfer is around to tear them into shreds.

Johan Perjus and Freshteh Piltan (both Sweden), directors at B-Reel Sweden, have created commercial spots for H&M, Target, and a number of other global clients. In  Antonym – Beyond the Waters, their contribution to the O’Neill UNREASONABLE Film Festival, Johan and Frestheh together with Pro-Surfer Soli Bailey take surfing to the most unexpected of regions on our planet, the desert. Mindsurf this baby!