The Price is right!

BOARDS & BIKES, MUSIC & FILM — 15/11/2016 — by Admin

Craftsmanship is super hip right now. Oh my gosh, grease to tune this delightfully trimmed beard from blondish to maroon… moron. People are happy to waste their cash on this kinda stuff. Good for the economy. However, when asked whether they would base their identity on rocking facial fuss, the neatly treated mahagony knife block they just bought or the h&m bike-messanger beanie they purchased they’d most likely say something as “Hell no! I am an proper individual, … not some hipster… a surfer, that is what I am…”

So here is where the controversy starts. Why is it people are happy to spend numerous little amounts on commodities but start lamenting like a bunch of German tourists on a marroccan bazar when they are about to buy such an important item as a surfboard? “550,- Euro?!!! YOU CANNOT BE SERIOUS! I just want to surf this every day and build my whole existence around this board of yours!!! WHY SHOULD I PAY THIS MUCH?!!”
550 is a joke. Should be 650,- for an all white board with logos max. Really bums me out. Big time. Shapers are struggeling to make a dough giving each and every board some serious thought. Even with the help of machines, the lions-share of work is still done by people with soul and the need to pay their kids and families. Or weed even. I don’t care – they work so you can work on shaping your identity. So why save at this end of the spectrum? Why save on yourself?

Channel Islands Surfboards just issued this clip showcasing all the steps necessary to get a shred-stick out in public. And besides all the boards you can buy as Designed by Somebody with an Ego but made in a Thai factory, this goes for all proper surfboards and their respective shapers out there. Shaping a board is really a lot of work. See for yourself, reconsider when going into price talks with your fav. shaper. Also think about what you buy. Because you really are supporting a person and a philosophy. Doesn’t matter whether this is snowboarding, skateboarding, riding bikes, playing guitars or what else is a trip worth living. It is definetely worth it – this is what craftsmanship is all about.