Save Janga Wonderland!

BOARDS & BIKES — 11/04/2020 — by Christian H.

Here is the link to the Gofundme campaign.

Due to the worldwide crisis triggered by the Covid-19 virus, surf tourism in Portugal is cancelled for an indefinite period of time. Janga Wonderland – a surf camp in Figueira da Foz, which the two Munich-based surfers Yoyo and Julia have been building and running with love since 2015, is also affected by this. After large parts of the camp were already destroyed by a hurricane a year and a half ago, devouring almost their entire savings, the existence of the camp is now finally at stake.   

The situation in Portugal is currently as tense as in the rest of Europe. As a result, Janga Wonderland had to close its doors a few weeks ago. Now the 10 employees as well as the camp’s own cats, chickens and parrots fear for their existence. Unfortunately, the Portuguese government supports the small companies only to a very limited extent, so state support cannot be counted on. 

The unique atmosphere of Janga Wonderland is especially created by the operators Yoyo and Julia. They are constantly working on new ideas for their guests and still always manage to find time for a nice conversation at the breakfast table or at the campfire in the evening. This creates a very special environment, which not only provides great surfing experiences for all levels of surfing, but also an extensive fitness and wellness program at the in-house gym and sauna area. Convince yourselves: