Rest In Peace Steve Boy

MUSIC & FILM — 11/01/2016 — by Christian B.

I watched the trailer to the new Steve Jobs movie the other day. Juding by the fact there are 2 Steve Jobs movies by now I sharply conclude they really mean business with turning Mr. Apple into the patron-saint of creative thinking and inspiring leadership forever. Wonder how much Apple payed for this and how pushing Steve is supposed to cover up the averageness which has turned Cupertinos former prodigy into a regular electronics brand… I HATE THE NEW ITUNES!
Other than that I don’t know a lot, but cults generally make me feel like I want to smash something. Watching a bunch self-perceived free-spirited super-creators (they post selfies, while waiting in the line for the i phone) kiss ass of an organization that essentially only is there to make a ton of Benjis must be the hell mentioned in the Nostradamus prophecy. This video-clip featuring Bill Burr feels like a long needed redemption.

PS.: I use apple myself, my English is bad.