ART & DESIGN — 29/06/2017 — by Laura L.

Here are some photos from LAYER CAKE’s solo show at IFOG Academy in Munich. If you like to follow the duo on there social media accounts check out. #layercakebomb or Facebook/layercakebomb or

Here is some info on Layer Cake:

“Layer Cake” is Patrick Hartl & Christian Hundertmark “C100”. Their friendship goes back to the early 90ties where they met in the yard to paint trains.  While going different paths since then they met at Patrick’s solo show in 2015 and decided to join forces. The perspective of a match between Christian‘s abstract graphic style with collage elements and Patrick’s urban calligraphy style with Graffiti tags and calligraphy motivated them to get things started immediately. And it worked quite good. After a few long night sessions they realised that parallel or (maybe) by accident they just created a new concept – and already had a name for it: “Layer Cake” the idea of turning Graffitis most important rule of Not-Going over / Crossing someones work upside down. Without any discussions they go over parts of each other’s work, leaving out parts and layer by layer they create paintings which ended in a lot of depth. To make a long story short, working together brought both of them to a new level. And brought back the fun they initially had back in the days as juvenile art vandals! “Layer Cake” represents the union of these two talented veterans of the Munich street art scene to produce a dynamic artistic dialogue. Hartl’s writing elements are suffused and overlaid by Hundertmark’s hard-edged floating fields. The resulting works convey great depth and are a fusion of lines and letters, of solid colors and coverings, of explosions and upheaval.