Feeling Monday? Better Feel Slater INXS!

BOARDS & BIKES — 01/06/2015 — by Christian B.

… Live baby live! What an amazing song by the INXS to go along with Indonesian barrells and power-surfing fresh from the toes of Mr. Kelly Slater. 2 of the greatest meeting in paradise. Kelly Slater is the most influential surfer of the post-modern era. If there is one man to set the standard of how a thruster is used it has to be him: King Kells.
The talent of Kelly is matched on a musical side by the OZ band INXS and its very charismatic frontman Micheal Hutchence.
A New Sensation is a great song to illustrate the genius of INXS and how every word was brought to life by Michael – may he rest in peace.
The gods should definetely be happy on this monday – it does not get a lot better than Slater and Hutchence.


Source: STAB Mag Australia