Sharpen Your Edges Ladies and Gents

ART & DESIGN — 29/11/2016 — by Christian B.

There is news from the Korua Crew. Prepare to cross a few red lines of freestyle etiquette and get into the carve mode.

CLASSIC – Ride on

ART & DESIGN — 28/11/2016 — by Christian H.

Thank you internet for another classic.

Make Snowboarding Small Again!

ART & DESIGN — 25/11/2016 — by Christian B.

Use a Snowskate.

Downhill on an old city bike

BOARDS & BIKES — 24/11/2016 — by Christian H.

Who needs a high end MTB when you have skills?

Need A Friend?

BOARDS & BIKES — 22/11/2016 — by Anders Krischan

Try Skateboarding.

Brutally honest: Snowboarding.

BOARDS & BIKES — 21/11/2016 — by Anders Krischan

There has probably never been a more accurate depiction of snowboarding. To date. World wide.

Derrick for Mobile – Save the Shark!

ART & DESIGN, MUSIC & FILM — 21/11/2016 — by Christian H.

Help to unleash ‘Derrick the Deathfin’ – the world’s first underwater paper craft game – onto mobile.

Nonsense Logic

BOARDS & BIKES — 17/11/2016 — by Christian H.

Dancing with the elements.

The Price is right!

BOARDS & BIKES, MUSIC & FILM — 15/11/2016 — by Admin

Or maybe even way to low considering all the work done.

Wiley Ft Devlin – Bring Them All / Holy Grime

MUSIC & FILM — 14/11/2016 — by Laura L.

A banger for your Monday morning.

A Tribe called Quest – We the people

ART & DESIGN, MUSIC & FILM — 13/11/2016 — by Christian H.

The tribe is back.

Say’s Who

BOARDS & BIKES — 13/11/2016 — by Christian H.

A very pleasant (and heavy) clip starring a surfer you’ve probably never heard of.